The UK Free Number Plate Lottery
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Todays Prize £30.00

Welcome to NumberPlateLotto

The UK's Free Number Plate Lottery

This is the UK's first vehicle Number Plate Lottery, all we ask of you is your vehicle Number Plate and a contact Email Address and you can enter our Free Number Plate Lottery.

Every day a Users Number Plate is chosen randomly and shown on this website, if this is your Number Plate, you can claim to win a cash prize.

Please register to stand a chance of winning free money every day! Please also see our FAQ page that may answer any questions you have. We will never share any of your information with any third parties, your data is only used for this lottery.

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Author: NPL

The team here at Number Plate Lotto HQ have just changed network provider for our mobile phones. We are fed up of high contract costs for mobile phones, so we decided to buy our mobiles off eBay at a fraction of the cost. Then signed up to Giff Gaff – Uswitch Network of the year 2016, Giff Gaff uses the O2 network and benefits from 4G coverage. T

The benefits include -

  • Free 4G SIM Card!
  • £5 credit added to your account after activation
  • Excellent network coverage
  • Cheap monthly Tariffs
  • Plus - NumberPlateLotto will add an additional £1 to your daily bonus after activation!

They have some great monthly plans available too, we are signed up to a £15 per month plan that offers, 1000 minutes, unlimited texts & 4GB data.
Sign up on our link and receive £5 credit once you have activated the sim! -

Its a free lottery

This is a Free Lottery, we promise that we will never charge you for entering!

The money we raise through advertising on this site is used to pay for all of the prize money.

Its a free lottery
Its a free lottery

Your details will be kept confidential

We will not sell your details onto 3rd parties, we promise not to distribute the information you provide to us to others. We are not in the business of trading identities

Its a free lottery
Its a free lottery

The Information you give to us isn't really confidential

It is important to remember that your Number Plate is on the front and rear of your vehicle for all to see. The email address you use everyday, to sign up to many other sites.

Its a free lottery
Free Lottery

Check our Website every day!

If your Number Plate is one of the lucky chosen and you don't claim, the prize rolls over to the following day.

Its a free lottery

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Commented by: numberplatelotto   @16:45 12/08/16

The NumberPlateLotto team are about to go on holiday until 29th August. if you send us messages or comments on here there maybe a delay in getting back to you. For urgent matters, please email us on and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Many thanks Rob

Commented by: numberplat  @08:28 04/08/16

We had a technical glitch last night meaning our server didn't update and select a new numberplate. Apologies about this. Tonights draw will now rollover again meaning that tonights pot will be £100. Thanks Rob

Commented by: numberplatelotto   @22:17 03/08/16

Thanks for pointing this out guys, I'm not sure what has happened but will look into it now. It may be a system error, our servers have been under pressure all day from the surge of new members. I'll advise ASAP.

Commented by: will  @21:55 03/08/16

Same person drawn twice in a row?

Commented by: andyh  @21:03 03/08/16

The same number drawn on consecutive days....really? It wasn't claimed yesterday, so we may be on £100 tomorrow :)

Commented by: npl  @09:18 03/08/16

Have you checked out our Facebook page? we currently have a competition over there to win an ipad mini! - see this link for further details, cheers Rob

Commented by: numberplat  @17:29 28/07/16

That's fine Kimmy J, I have no issue with anyone adding referrals to other free lotteries on here. Cheers Rob

Commented by: kimmy j  @22:20 27/07/16

As a loyal NPLer, i hope u trust me to checl this out! Its date of birth lotto, around £50 a day min and its new so the chances of winning are loads better than others. This is my referral link- Pleeez check it out and register! You won't be disappointed! Anyways, off to bed, chat tomorrow, nightie night! Xx

Commented by: numberplatelotto   @23:49 26/07/16

Jordon Cox of Money Saving Expert has written a blog on the 8 of the best free lotteries around, be sure to read it on this link!

Commented by: andyh  @21:28 19/07/16

Thanks Rob....I wasn't aiming any criticism, simply making an observation :)

Commented by: numberplat  @23:10 18/07/16

Hi Andy, yesterday's prize was claimed, so I'm unsure why it's showing as unclaimed. The heat must be hurting our computers too!! I'll look into it tomorrow, thanks Rob

Commented by: andyh  @21:12 18/07/16

Seeing as yesterdays prize went unclaimed, shouldn't todays prize be £20?

Commented by: numberplat  @10:42 18/07/16

Lucy, check your junk folder to see if they are in there and then add us to your trusted people

Commented by: lucy  @08:09 18/07/16

I don't receive reminder emails anymore so keep forgetting to check.

Commented by: numberplat  @18:22 15/07/16

Hi ruths, did you check your junk folder? If not, please send me an email so I can arrange payment. Thanks Rob

Commented by: numberplat  @15:37 14/07/16

Hi Ruths, I sent you an email last night asking for your PayPal email address, please check your junk folder or send me an email on thanks Rob

Commented by: ruths  @09:10 14/07/16

I won the lottery yesterday, but can't work out where to send my details to claim my prize - the email you sent is a NOREPLY. Can anyone help?

Commented by: andyh  @00:23 12/07/16

Well done Weevle21, you were brave picking Portugal and I still don't know how they got to the final, let alone won it.

Commented by: numberplat  @21:37 11/07/16

Sorry if anyone tried using the Giff gaff link on tonight's email, unfortunately we made an error so it did not work, if interested please use the link on our homepage or blog. Thanks Rob

Commented by: numberplat  @19:27 11/07/16

The draw has been made and the Euro 2016 competition winner is Weevle21, many congratulations, we will email you shortly to arrange payment. Thanks to all that took part and we will be running some more competitions soon. We are currently do a special prize draw over on our Facebook page, so visit there to see more details. Cheers Rob