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Welcom to NumberPlateLotto

The UK's Free Number Plate Lottery

This is the UK's first Car Number Plate Lottery, all we ask of you is your Car Number Plate and a contact Email Address and you can enter our Free Number Plate Lottery.

Every day a Users Number Plate is chosen randomly and shown on this website, if this is your Number Plate, you can claim to win a cash prize.

Please register to stand a chance of winning free money every day! Please also see our FAQ page that may answer any questions you have. We will never share any of your information with any third parties, your data is only used for this lottery.

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Its a free lottery

This is a Free Lottery, we promise that we will never charge you for entering!

The money we raise through advertising on this site is used to pay for all of the prize money.

Its a free lottery
Its a free lottery

Your details will be kept confidential

We will not sell your details onto 3rd parties, we promise not to distribute the information you provide to us to others. We are not in the business of trading identities

Its a free lottery
Its a free lottery

The Information you give to us isn't really confidential

It is important to remember that your Number Plate is on the front and rear of your vehicle for all to see. The email address you use everyday, to sign up to many other sites.

Its a free lottery
Free Lottery

Check our Website every day!

If your Number Plate is one of the lucky chosen and you don't claim, the prize rolls over to the following day.

Its a free lottery

User Comments

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Last 20 comments

Commented by: liverpoolg  @02:17 23/05/17

Hi Admin, I received an Out Of Office reply to my email, that you're out of the office until January!

Commented by: mark  @21:53 22/05/17

hello admin still logging on old number plate, how long does it normally take to change??

Commented by: liverpool  @20:56 20/05/17

Hi Admin, I've just sent you an email about changes to my cars. Thanks.

Commented by: mark  @15:20 20/05/17

checked email correctly sent still logging on with old number plate

Commented by: smutzie27   @12:27 20/05/17

Many thanks for that Matt Mark if you sent email via the link it's missing the ".co" bit from the email address Try Hope this help s 😊

Commented by: nplmatt  @12:19 20/05/17

Smutzie, I've received the email and your Facebook message. Thanks

Commented by: mark  @11:52 20/05/17

Have had same reply as smutzie27 when email sent in regards to number plate change, waiting to see if any reply, is anyone there???

Commented by: smutzie27   @09:51 20/05/17

I emailed originally via the link from your contact page and I think the email address there may be wrong My email to you has now gone through and I received this automatic response:- I'm currently on holiday with no access to my emails I'll respond to your message when I return on 13th January I wish you a happy Christmas and New Year Thanks Rob Please advise further Thank you

Commented by: smutzie27   @09:46 20/05/17

Hi Matt That is the address I used And it was returned I'll try again now Thanks

Commented by: nplmatt  @09:40 20/05/17

Hi Smutzie, please send it to thanks Matt

Commented by: smutzie27   @09:33 20/05/17

I have tried the info@ address and that has been returned as well Please can someone help me? Many thanks

Commented by: smutzie27   @09:24 20/05/17

Hi My number plate has just won 😊 I have gone through the process to claim and received an email asking for my PayPal address. When I replied the email was returned undeliverable Does anyone know where I should email to? Many thanks

Commented by: lindas  @13:24 18/05/17

I have been trying to change my car reg for 2 months now, It changes over ok to start with and I get a confirmation, but when I log back in my old number is still showing. I've tried umpteen ways to get hold of someone to help, I originally got help when I first asked in March, but it doesn't work and have seemed to have been ignored since then :(

Commented by: carol  @22:14 17/05/17

Thanks everyone, hopefully Rob you will be able to sort it out for me!😊 x

Commented by: rob  @15:22 17/05/17

Hi Carol, Ill look into this now for you and let you know ASAP. Thanks Rob

Commented by: guiscriff5  @13:49 17/05/17

All sorted now, thanks Matt. Carol, try e-mailing on

Commented by: guiscriff5  @18:12 16/05/17

Thanks for that address, liverpoolg, I need to change my e-mail address, will be easier to contact admin directly. Good luck carol too.

Commented by: liverpoolg  @16:34 16/05/17

@Carol, here you go: Good luck x

Commented by: guiscriff56  @11:03 16/05/17

Hi Matt I am trying to change my e-mail address for my car R460XYA, but my previous address is no longer available, so could not receive the e-mail you sent me. My new e-mail is:- geoffandlind399@gmail com Regards Linda

Commented by: carol  @19:38 15/05/17

Hi liverpoolgirl, thanks for your comment. I tried at various times between 8 and 9 and also tried refreshing and logging back in but it still wouldn't register, so I couldn't claim my first weekly ticket until after 9pm 😕 How do I go about contacting Admin?