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Welcome to NumberPlateLotto

The UK's Free Number Plate Lottery

This is the UK's first vehicle Number Plate Lottery, all we ask of you is your vehicle Number Plate and a contact Email Address and you can enter our Free Number Plate Lottery.

Every day a Users Number Plate is chosen randomly and shown on this website, if this is your Number Plate, you can claim to win a cash prize.

Please register to stand a chance of winning free money every day! Please also see our FAQ page that may answer any questions you have. We will never share any of your information with any third parties, your data is only used for this lottery.

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But far be it from us to tell you what to do! With 500+ courses, we have something for everyone. And just to show you there is no hard feelings for ignoring our advice, we have decided to team up with Numberplate Lotto to offer you 80% off ALL of our courses. Just enter the code NPL80 when purchasing any course or by going to the following link Achieve your goals without breaking the bank!


Its a free lottery

This is a Free Lottery, we promise that we will never charge you for entering!

The money we raise through advertising on this site is used to pay for all of the prize money.

Its a free lottery
Its a free lottery

Your details will be kept confidential

We will not sell your details onto 3rd parties, we promise not to distribute the information you provide to us to others. We are not in the business of trading identities

Its a free lottery
Its a free lottery

The Information you give to us isn't really confidential

It is important to remember that your Number Plate is on the front and rear of your vehicle for all to see. The email address you use everyday, to sign up to many other sites.

Its a free lottery
Free Lottery

Check our Website every day!

If your Number Plate is one of the lucky chosen and you don't claim, the prize rolls over to the following day.

Its a free lottery

User Comments

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Last 20 comments

Commented by: sg1nuts  @20:05 08/02/17

Thanks Rob, its all sorted this end, sorry it created a problem.

Commented by: nplrob  @19:42 08/02/17

Don't forget to enter our monthly referral draw to be in with a chance of winning £50 extremely good odds at the moment

Commented by: nplrob  @19:40 08/02/17

Apologies for mess up this end Sg1nuts. Should all be sorted now, please let me know if not. Thanks Rob

Commented by: sg1nuts  @21:45 07/02/17

Thanks pgfud, thats the one I used but now I give up.

Commented by: pgfud  @10:57 07/02/17

that's because the email is they typed it wrong

Commented by: sg1nuts  @16:55 02/02/17

Not received email and gets returned as undeliverable

Commented by: nplrob  @15:03 02/02/17

Sh1nuts, I've emailed you regarding PayPal but do not seem to have a reply, please can you check your junk folder or email us on

Commented by: sg1nuts  @11:49 02/02/17

Have tried emailing your info email address several times re my winnings on 14th January, but unfortunately still not heard anything, am I doing sometjing wrong to claim prize?

Commented by: clottedcre  @18:31 30/01/17

Hi, Mandy. You click on the today's winner button at top of the page, it changes at 8pm daily

Commented by: mandy  @09:49 30/01/17

How do i find out the winning number plate number?

Commented by: tonuppirate  @04:58 14/01/17

Ahhh Well Done All You Winners! I Have Everything Crossed For a Wee Win on my Regi =)

Commented by: pete  @09:32 10/01/17

You know when your number plate is drawn and your claim is verified, do you also get the daily bonus amount up to the day you win, or the daily bonus amount when you eventually get paid your winnings??

Commented by: clottedcre  @15:18 03/01/17

There was a notice put on here and their facebook page a few weeks ago saying that the rollovers are on hold but they will be bringing them back at a later date.

Commented by: concorde  @13:11 29/12/16

Could anybody from NPL let the subscribers know if the unclaimed prizes are rolling or not rolling. I have seen plenty of unclaimed prizes not being rolled over to the following day prize. Typical example is of last night's (28.12.2016) draw. Regards

Commented by: kmb30265  @02:26 22/12/16

Still not get my £20 winning from 30.10, emailed, Facebook texted a lot of time.

Commented by: elizium   @14:54 30/11/16

Received my winnings of £40.00, really pleased at this time of year. Thanks very much Rob.

Commented by: npl rob  @19:16 25/11/16

Elizium, We do not have any outstanding payments, please can you email me on with your details so I can look into it for you. Thanks

Commented by: elizium   @17:28 25/11/16

Got the wrong date as it was so long ago, it was the 26/10. Still disappointed!

Commented by: elizium   @15:24 25/11/16

Still not received my winnings of £40 from 28/10. I've emailed numerous times. Very disappointed!

Commented by: risca_boy  @09:04 24/11/16

Rob, received my £10 thanks.