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NumberPlateLotto Special Draw

Author: NPL

With the School Holidays upon us, the NumberPlateLotto team have decided to celebrate it with a Special draw!

The winner will receive £200 paid directly into their PayPal account.

To enter please share your unique referral link with others, you can make referrals by sharing your link via email, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or whatever suits you best.

Anyone who receives a referral from today through to 21st August will be entered into the special draw. 

To get your referral link click here and follow the instructions.

The draw will take place on 22nd August

Good Luck & Thanks for playing!

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Author: NPL

The team here at Number Plate Lotto HQ have just changed network provider for our mobile phones. We are fed up of high contract costs for mobile phones, so we decided to buy our mobiles off eBay at a fraction of the cost. Then signed up to Giff Gaff – Uswitch Network of the year 2016, Giff Gaff uses the O2 network and benefits from 4G coverage. T

The benefits include -

  • Free 4G SIM Card!
  • £5 credit added to your account after activation
  • Excellent network coverage
  • Cheap monthly Tariffs
  • Plus - NumberPlateLotto will add an additional £1 to your daily bonus after activation!

They have some great monthly plans available too, we are signed up to a £15 per month plan that offers, 1000 minutes, unlimited texts & 4GB data.
Sign up on our link and receive £5 credit once you have activated the sim! -


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First Triple Winner

Author: NumberPlateLotto

We are very pleased to announce our first Triple Winner of NumberPlateLotto and our member kindly wrote to us to tell us all about it -

"I found out about the number plate lotto through a blog post that listed a lot of free lotteries. I wasn't very optimistic but thought it was worth a try and a great concept. It's really easy to check and claim if you win - there was nothing to lose so I signed up straight away.

I'd been checking the site for a while when in March I found that I'd won! It took a few checks as I felt sure it couldn't actually be me. Somehow, when checking the next week, I found that I'd won again, which was even more surprising! After that, I felt sure there was no way I would win again, but by that point it had become part of my routine so I carried on checking each morning. It was a massive shock when 3 months later, I logged on to see that I had won for a third time, which I never thought would happen. I'm definitely glad I carried on checking!

First Triple NumberPlateLotto Winner

We are currently planning our wedding which is in July and anyone who has done that will know that every little helps when it comes to budget, so I am so grateful to the number plate lottery for helping me along the way. It's been great for buying those extra little bits that you don't even realise you'll need.

I would highly recommend everyone to sign up - there's no reason not to!"

As you can see, anyone can we and we've already had some double winners, so don't forget to recommend usto all your friends!

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