The UK Free Car Number Plate Lottery
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Todays Prize £15.00

Welcome to NumberPlateLotto

The UK's Free Number Plate Lottery

This is the UK's first Car Number Plate Lottery, all we ask of you is your Car Number Plate and a contact Email Address and you can enter our Free Number Plate Lottery.

Every day a Users Number Plate is chosen randomly and shown on this website, if this is your Number Plate, you can claim to win a cash prize.

Please register to stand a chance of winning free money every day! Please also see our FAQ page that may answer any questions you have. We will never share any of your information with any third parties, your data is only used for this lottery.

Latest Blog Entry

Get Kids Pass and Save Money

Author: NPL

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Its a free lottery

This is a Free Lottery, we promise that we will never charge you for entering!

The money we raise through advertising on this site is used to pay for all of the prize money.

Its a free lottery
Its a free lottery

Your details will be kept confidential

We will not sell your details onto 3rd parties, we promise not to distribute the information you provide to us to others. We are not in the business of trading identities

Its a free lottery
Its a free lottery

The Information you give to us isn't really confidential

It is important to remember that your Number Plate is on the front and rear of your vehicle for all to see. The email address you use everyday, to sign up to many other sites.

Its a free lottery
Free Lottery

Check our Website every day!

If your Number Plate is one of the lucky chosen and you don't claim, the prize rolls over to the following day.

Its a free lottery

User Comments

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Last 20 comments

Commented by: rob  @20:36 25/06/17

Hi, please send it to thanks

Commented by: janiec  @19:58 25/06/17

Thanks for your help Rob but I'm afraid no photos or questions have appeared. In fact when I click "I'm not a robot" I get a strange box appearing with a lot of text in it. I have done a screen shot which I could send you if it would help to perhaps solve the problem? If so, please let me know if you'd like me to email it to you.

Commented by: rob  @17:29 25/06/17

Apologies that a fake number plate slipped the net. I can assure you that if claimed they will not be paid and the £15 will go towards a new competition over on our Facebook page. Thanks Rob

Commented by: rob  @17:27 25/06/17

One you click I'm not a robot, it may bring some photos up with a question if it does answer correctly then a green tick ✅ will appear then click confirm in the captcha box then refresh the page.

Commented by: janiec  @17:00 25/06/17

As noted previously, I can only ever get up to 5 tickets in a day. After that, I click on the "I'm not a robot" captcha, refresh the page, then the captcha has completely disappeared and I can no longer get any tickets. Still something very wrong here!

Commented by: janj  @15:47 25/06/17

Number plate today is FD103TJE that's not a legal UK plate!!!

Commented by: liverpoolg  @02:18 25/06/17

Yet this account is fine!

Commented by: liverpool  @02:16 25/06/17

I'm stuck on 2 tickets today, I should be up to 3 by now. No captcha either.

Commented by: rob  @00:14 25/06/17

Currently working on an alternative to captcha, we do. Not want to rush it out with further issues, I can assure you as soon as ready it will be rolled out! Thanks Rob

Commented by: lady lyn  @21:05 24/06/17

Come on NPL get your act together with the captcha as its not showing again.

Commented by: valb  @07:56 23/06/17

No captcha again.all I got was I am not a robot.could not tick the box

Commented by: nplmatt  @21:03 18/06/17

Evening all, unfortunately we have suffered some site issues this weekend on the weekly draw and the Captcha issue, the draw will be made tomorrow and we are working on alternatives for the captcha box. Thanks for your patience whilst we sort it all out. Thanks Matt

Commented by: nplmatt  @21:02 18/06/17


Commented by: rob  @21:08 17/06/17

Evening all, we are having a few issues with this weeks draw, the auto selection has failed, draw will take place asap! Thanks NPL Rob

Commented by: madflower  @18:09 17/06/17

captcha is very hit and miss. Sometimes it appears for the 6th ticket and sometimes not. If it does appear then then it doesn't appear for the 12th one.

Commented by: lostkiwi   @23:37 16/06/17

Captcha is in the wrong place on a mobile. It's too far down the page and you can't see it. Needs to be immediately under the box that tells you how many tickets you have. If I refresh the page without scrolling down the captcha dissappears and wont show til the next hour

Commented by: janiec  @23:05 16/06/17

Stuck on 5 tickets today. Ticked the captcha and refreshed page - still only 5 tickets for the day. There is obviously still a glitch that needs sorting please.

Commented by: jan_g  @19:32 16/06/17

I can't get any more than 5 tickets today - the same happened yesterday.

Commented by: pinky  @13:23 16/06/17

Where is the captcha i cant find it? I log in and nothing appears im just stuck on 5 draws for today.

Commented by: liverpool  @06:07 16/06/17

Previous post, woman should have read human!